To get your accepted paper published in the conference proceedings, each paper requires one author registration. On the other hand, a student registration does not cover the publication fee, i.e., even if all the authors of a paper are students, an author registration is required. Accepted full papers are limited to 8 pages in length and 5 pages for short papers. The page limitation of both types is inclusive of references and a maximum of 2 more pages are allowed with additional cost (see below).

The fees for different types of registrations are as follows:
Author registration: 4,150 CNY, subsequent paper(s) by the same author: 2,900 CNY
Student / Non-author registration: 2,900 CNY
Per extra page: 1,000 CNY

Attention to all paper authors: please note that for your paper to be included in the conference proceedings, at least one author should register the conference under the “full registration” category. Or if you are the common author of multiple papers, the second and consecutive paper(s) can be registered as an “extra paper” each.

Payment registration sites are now open:

  • Payment by Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard), please click here
  • Payment by Unionpay, please click here